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Google Ranking

RankFirst Solutions is the most up-to-date, white hat, Google loving solution that is designed to build up all local ranking factors and grow your domain authority online and your industry authority off line.

We actually make you money, while we rank you.

Why RankFirst Solutions Works

What your business really needs is qualified, targeted, paying traffic...period. That's exactly what we deliver; creating a positive ROI, “while” we build your domain authority and local business ranking.

This works because we give Google exactly what they want, the best result for a local business search. By using what we know about Google's RankBrain ambiguous off-line search engine and Google's Android market tracking engagement, we can eliminate any competition for our search terms and give Google the engagement they want...to YOUR business.

Once engagement happens between each Related or LSI search term we target, you ARE the result Google wants in that top spot.

Now multiply this by thousands of Related, LSI search terms and city and town combinations, like "Toronto SEO" or "SEO Toronto" that most SEOs don't even know about if they're using keyword tools to determine or plan your SEO strategy.

You become the authority for all related and LSI keywords for every location, and start to replace the more prestigious keywords results on the first page, and many times in the Google 3-pack within 3-6 months. While most SEOs will target harder competition keywords, which will take anywhere from 12-18 months.

Now with a very strong domain foundation and backlink strategy in place, which pays for itself, you can use the ROI to add different marketing strategies, at YOUR own pace.

Google's 3 Main Ranking Factors

Top 3 Google Ranking Factors

Our RankFirst Solution 

Great News! You Probably Have Enough Content on Your Website Right Now, to Rank and Drive New Business

  • What content is required to rank, well, if you have a service explained on your site, you’re probably good to start ranking.
  • Paying for content writing on a low authority domain won’t rank and is only good for freshness
  • Old content can be re-written to satisfy the freshness factor and save you money.
  • We have ranked duplicate content, exact match domains, you name it, (we don't recommend it), but we make sure some key components are on-site and that's it.
  • As long as we can make the engagement between your site and a result Google wants, they don’t care, they got what they want and we can duplicate this anytime, with any niche, with any age website.

Google’s AI RankBrain Makes the Engagement Connection For Their Searcher to Your Website, Through Related and LSI Search Terms

3 things that weight heavy on these results are:

  1. Google’s Pigeon update, which a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. Google stated that this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters.
  2. How RankBrain is working to address the Pigeon update for better local results, though engagement to actual businesses.
  3. Android is the key to Google’s in depth knowledge of geographic engagement for mobile and desktop searches. Android occupies 52% of the market in North America and 83% globally. Search, click, call, buy, Google knows, our solution helps Google close the engagement loop.
  • Google has stated that RankBrain is their artificial intelligence that incorporates human tendencies to ambiguous search terms, to find the best result for their visitor.
  • Google’s main search engine runs approx. 6 Billion searches a day, with millions of ambiguous terms that they have no relevant result for, so they post what they have. These search terms are sent to RankBrain to run off-line queries to see if there are better matches, once it finds one, it sends it back to production after some testing and calculates the engagement for the same search terms. If engagement is made, Google will maintain those results, for those search terms and start to try the same result for other ambiguous terms that might be relevant, that’s when shit gets real.
  • For every one of the high quality backlink content we publish, you get approx. 500+ backlinks, each related, LSI and geographic. Once one connection is made, your site starts showing up for every other related, LSI and geographic search term. In many case we have clients with our content and their site ranking on the first page for many of these same search terms.
  • These are solid foundation links that build you as an authority in your market, and is the perfect base marketing that your competitor will have to spend tons on to catch you…unless they call us! ;0
  • Once you have this in place and are making money you can scale out your marketing within your budget, and at the pace of your business, not you’re SEOs.

High Quality Backlinks From Sources That Google Deems High Authority

  • High quality backlinks are still the main ranking factor for Google, because trust is everything to them, trust gives them a hope of their visitor finding exactly what they want.
  • Most SEOs will give you a complete marketing overview, try and explain why their stuff works, when in reality, they’re not really trying to work with you and your business, it’s all about how much they can get out of your pocket.
  • Although social engagement is good, none of your social links rank and posts are usually one and done, very short lived, very low viral rate.
  • Our high authority backlinks are among the highest authority in Google’s eyes, and the related search combination is a long lasting, trusted connection between Google and your business.
  • Trust me there are over 200 main ranking factors and over 10,000 possible ranking combinations, if SEOs say they know this, run…
  • Also, if you’re trying to figure this out while constantly trying to understand what your SEO is charging you for…I guarantee, you are NOT running your business and haven’t found someone you trust. Spending the same cash over and over again with the same results?? Hmmm, sounds like a famous quote…insanity much?!?

We are experiencing a 97% ROI success rate for our customers when using our service and following our recommendations! We're proud to give small business a fighting chance...

Why Traditional SEO Fails

SEO has such a poor reputation with smoke and mirror SEO tactics that confuse consumers and charge for every separate SEO cliché with minimal results, if any. SEO has just a become a slimy word for most. The trust factor just isn't there.

Imagine spending 17 years being the best you can be, with honest SEO practices,  actually helping people, but being completely embarrassed to let people know what you do!?! It's just sad really...time to change!

The truth is, any SEO still targeting long tail keywords and putting the importance on keywords, is living in the past and will continually struggle to achieve any long term results, because they don't focus on what Google is actually asking for, when requesting local services. Keywords have dropped in importance because Google looks at search terms by words, rather than phrases, for example;

What used to be "Toronto Digital Marketing Agency" is seen now as "toronto", "digital", "marketing", "agency".  All of our targeted variations of related and LSI search terms, are done manually, the time and care we put into this, is why we get the results we do.

By using tools to scrape these keywords, you only see the results that Google wants you to see, but not all the results are there. By understanding related and LSI keywords, you start to find hidden gems that no other SEOs are targeting, and most large businesses still don't know how to implement this strategy correctly. 

Neil Patel, one of the top marketers the big boys go to for help, knows the importance of suggest, related and LSI keywords, he bought Ubersuggest. Then added Google suggest and more, because this will help his customers find more gold.

Website, content, seo, meta tags, schema markup, open graph, etc. It’s no wonder people don’t have any idea what they need or what they're paying for. Then the marketing, they pay money, then get handed a bunch of tasks to do, before they can even start to run their business.

SEO is blanketed with fancy graphs and website reports that have hundreds of things that appear like they need to be addressed, but are so closely meshed, that a lot of these "extras" are basically done at the same time, but charged as an addition, as a one time grab. Not realizing how much more power is in helping people, and gaining their trust, they'll stick with you forever and refer you to everyone.

Who Is This For

• This is a high quality solution that brings results, and although it is definitely the best and most affordable compared to traditional SEO and marketing, especially with these results, this isn’t for everyone!

• You have to be ready to work with us for 3 months, and then you can cancel anytime, but you won’t, no one has!

• You need to have a budget to do this, struggling month to month to pay for it, goes against us caring about your income and family. Food is more important!

• You need to be ready to care for more clients, whether its a service or an on-boarding situation, we’ve seen a 300% increase in calls within 2-3 months in some cases.

• You need to forget all the SEO you’ve been told, especially forget the top prestigious keywords, (for now) or you’ll wait another 18 months to rank or make a buck from it. Let us do what we do best; we use our own private distribution channel, our own professionally written content and our own search term strategy.

• You sit back and run your local business, with our fixed monthly cost and measured results, you don’t need to get lost in all the SEO and marketing BS to rank your website or make money!

What To Expect

• We will review your site for:

  • Basic SEO in Titles, Description and in the content.
  • Install Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Console and link the two
  • Create or confirm Google My Business
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness.
  • Ensure contact details are consistent and clearly visible.
  • Provide ongoing recommendations to increase website potential.
  • Competitor analysis and manual related, LSI and city search terms and roll out strategy.
  • Once campaigns are ready and published, within 2-3 weeks we’ll send a report with a preview of the distribution and a list of related and LSI keywords that the content ranks for.
  • Every month, you'll rank for more terms that will grow your traffic and revenue while growing your domain authority.
  • Within 3-4 months, your website or domain authority will start to rank for the related, LSI and city search terms.
  • Maintaining this strategy will ensure you have a lock on your market, where competitors will have a hard time catching up.


Q: Why are the prices in US dollars?

A: Although we are in Canada, our system is built and maintained in US dollars, so we charge in US dollars.

Q: Does this work for any website?

A: Yes, but we don’t allow any affiliate sites, any hate sites, adult sites, or forwarded domains. Our service is used strictly by us and our local business clients, it’s clean…and Google likes us.

Q: Is it same cost for all businesses or niches?

A: No, most local businesses use our main distribution and get amazing results, but tougher niches, like finance, legal, etc.. might require our extended distribution which is an added cost, but extremely effective to gain ground in tough niches or cities.

Q: Will this work for any business?

A: Yes, but keep in mind that this is a fixed monthly cost, and we concentrate on building ROI as soon as possible. So, we found that if you had a customer value of $500, we will bring a positive ROI within 30-40 days. Low customer value will take longer, high customer value will be pretty quick, usually one sale and its paid for!

We hope the above information paints a real picture and shows why this works, we give Google exactly what they want for their visitor....YOU.



The Growth Package is our best seller, this package works for over 75% of the cities and niches. We're seeing positive ROI within 30-40 days and have seen Google 3-pack within 3-6 months. We have franchises opening new areas with this package alone and succeeding. This is a Franchises' dream come true.


The Competition Package is our financial & extended distribution of other premium and high authority financial sites, in addition to our Growth distribution sites. Perfect for the financial, legal, business markets and tougher cities and niches to penetrate. Great for bringing high visibility and authority to new corporations. 

Contact Us Today...We'll Discuss Your Business Needs and Build Your Custom SEO Ranking and Marketing Solution!

Full Distribution

Local Business Solution
  • $500 Setup Fee Waived During Launch!
  • Includes everything listed below!

Extended Distribution

National or Global Business
  • $500 Setup Fee Waived During Launch!
  • Includes everything listed below!
  • Global Distribution

Our RankFirst Solutions Package


  • Highest Quality Backlinks

  • SEO Titles, Descriptions & Images

  • Google Maps

  • Manual Related & LSI Search Terms

  • Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Google Analytics

  • Rollout Strategy

  • Google My Business

  • Google Console

  • On Site SEO (Main & Related KW/page)

  • Google Citations

  • Sitemap Submission

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