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Neil TeasdaleThanks for visiting our site! I'm Neil Teasdale Founder and CEO. RankFirst Solutions is a culmination of 18 years in internet marketing and search engine optimization, with 300+ websites personally built, SEO ready and ranked. Including membership sites, on-boarding training centers, E-Com Shopify stores and more. 

In 1999 I launched my first website and had an SEO company help me with optimizing my website, one problem, it cost a lot per month, but they couldn't guarantee any results, as they don't know what Google will do, "wait....what?  

From that day, I started to learn on-page and off-page SEO to ensure I can rank a website with measured results. Yes, I've lived through Google's zoo phase, but although confusing for a lot, it really helped understand exactly what Google is looking for, especially the Google Pigeon update for local business ranking.

When we add what we know to be true about Google's RankBrain and Android market, we are perfectly placed to rank and grow local business traffic by ranking our content and providing Google the engagement they want for your business.

Who We Are


Ottawa's RankFirst Solutions, is a one stop marketing solution company with over 18 years of online marketing experience, specializing in SEO.

After working with many small businesses and start-ups, we realized that new businesses are constantly being misled, and confused by SEO and marketing companies. RankFirst Solutions was built and tested with small local businesses and franchises in mind.

Our goal is to demystify the SEO BS and bring honest, affordable SEO with real, long term authority ranking, traffic and a positive ROI to local businesses. Small business needs the truth and someone to trust concerning SEO and building their online business presence right, and grow within its means.

We bring a clear and honest view of the right things a local business needs as a basic foundation to grow online and grow ROI from the start, before thousands are spent on full blown digital marketing campaigns. We care about your business and your family, that's RankFirst Solutions.

What We Do


RankFirst Solutions provides our customers a hands-free SEO solution with the highest authority ranking and website traffic for long term visibility and brand awareness with a measured ROI.

Our campaigns are the highest quality, long term, off-page SEO and backlink strategy available online, by addressing all top Google Local Business Ranking Factors. We get you instant visibility, build you a trusted reputation, build your domain authority which boosts your business ranking in Google Search, Google Maps, Google My Business and flat out brings you more customers and revenue.

Most SEO companies will use every marketing cliche that they can hang a price tag on. Why, because we've been trained that SEOs "have no control over Google" so they sell you more stuff to address another factor, but you end up with more tasks that take you away from running your business effectively.

We know exactly what Google wants, real, live local business engagement, and that's exactly what we give them...and they like it!

We also provide high quality designed and fully SEO & Mobile Ready Business Websites that work hand in hand with our RankFirst Local Ranking Solution.

We have also released our Online Reputation Building, Management and Marketing Solution that monitors your daily reviews and markets them across your social sites and many more features, here!

RankFirst Solutions is the most up-to-date, white hat, Google loving solution that is designed to build up all local ranking factors and grow your domain authority online and your industry authority off line, with a result of getting you into the local Google 3-pack and a share of 82% of the search clicks!

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